A lot of us do not consider riding a bike to be exercise but it actually is. If you are someone who does not exercise regularly and are not that fit, you may have noticed how quickly you get tired and breathless while going on a casual bicycle ride with your friends. Yes, this might be because your body is not fit enough and lacks stamina, but it is also because riding a bicycle isn’t as simple as it seems. You actually burn a lot of calories, more than you might notice, as you pedal to and from your destination. Think of it as a SoulCycle class but in the beautiful outdoors, with ever changing scenery. Read below to hear about many more benefits of cycling and you might just change your mind and stop taking the bus or driving your car to work every day and start cycling to places.

It is efficient and helps you save money

Cycling is probably one of the easiest exercises you can incorporate into your daily life. Like we previously discussed, you can simply ride your bicycle to and from work, not only is it easy to park but you do not have to worry about being stuck in traffic. You can ride your great giant bikes to and from school with your friends. You can go grocery shopping in your bike. The possibilities are endless. You will not only be working out and burning calories, but this can also help you save money. You don’t need to worry about having to buy gas for your bike, and also do not have to spend thousands of dollars on gym memberships. It is also ecofriendly compared to cars or even motorbikes because no gas is emitted.

Cycling helps build and tone your muscles

Since cycling works your glutes and calves, it can help you build lean muscles on your legs but that is not all. Building and strengthening these muscles will in turn help you improve your posture and help with balance as well. So look into womens cruiser bikes right away! Who would have thought that cycling can do so much good for your body, almost as much as working out in a gym? We pay a high gym fee at a fancy gym and then dread going there and avoid it for several different reasons. Whether that may be a lack of body confidence, if you’re lazy or if you are just busy with long working hours every day.So instead of torturing yourself with squats and ankle weights and tough leg workouts to strengthen your body, consider simple exercises such as cycling, that you enjoy so much that it does not even feel like a workout.

Benefits Of Cycling

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